3-week inversions morning challenge with Amanda
‘Roots in Heaven’
Oct 16 -Nov 3, 2017
Mo – Fr 8.30 – 10.00
Studio Sonne
130 €

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The sun dwells at the root of the navel, and the moon at the root of the palate. The sun consumes the nectar of immortality and thus man is held in the sway of death.
Put the sun up and bring the moon down (…) Carefully place the head and both hands on the ground, raise the feet, and remain steady. This is considered to be Viparitakarani.
” Gheranda Samhita

In this 3-week morning challenge we will focus our practice on Shirshasana (headstand) and Sarvangasana (shoulderstand). You will learn how to build strength and confidence, to move step by step through a wide range of variations and safely enjoy the powerful effect of the royal family of asanas. We will explore both practice and theory looking at inversions from different perspectives, ranging from western anatomy to the yogic theory of the subtle body, including the traditional use of inversions, and their powerful effects on body and mind.

week 1:
theory: inversions in the yoga traditions
– yogic understanding of gravity: enemy or ally?
– inversions and energy flow
practice: preparing the body for a safe practice of inversions
– training body awareness: postural patterns, stability and balance
– building strength and flexibility: neck, shoulders and arms; legs and core
– concentration and mindfulness for inversions

week 2
theory: western understanding of inversions
– anatomy
– benefits of inversions
practice: the king and queen of asana
– headstand and its variations
– shoulderstand and its variations

week 3
theory: the subtle body
– inversions and the upper chakras
practice: roots in heaven sadhana
– exploring the upper chakras through inversions, breathing and meditation

Important, please note. This challenge is not open to complete beginners and to students with diagnosed scoliosis, cervical ostheoarthritis or hernia, cardiac weakness, high blood pressure or strong pressure imbalances, cardiac troubles, glaucoma, abscesses and inflammations of neck and head regions.

amanda_neu1Amanda Morelli is a cultural anthropologist and is passionate about oriental studies, she has been practicing yoga since childhood. In 2011 she began teaching hatha yoga in Berlin. Her yoga practice is both precise and deep, creative and cross-pollinated by symbolisim, subtle hints of physiology and an atuned awareness of anatomy. Great importance is given to the integration of movement and breath, the development of self awareness, and having respect for oneself and one’s body as the basis of a practice where every posture is vivified by the light of consciousness.