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3-Week Morning Challenge: An Introduction to Self-Healing through the Internal Martial Arts Practice of Baguazhang with Yunuen Rhi/ CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS OF THE TEACHER

May 2 – 19, 2017
1st Week: Tu – Fr 8.30 – 10.00, Sa 10.00 – 11.30
2nd/3rd Week: Mo – Fr 8.30 – 10.00
Studio Sonne
in English
130 €

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This morning challenge introduces the theoretical and practical fundamentals for understanding the self-healing and mystical practice of Baguazhang.

Baguazhang is an internal martial art system based on the classic Chinese philosophies found in the I Ching, the Tao Te Ching, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the coming together of important martial arts generations as early as the sixth century.

Bagua is one of three internal martial arts practices from China alongside Tai Chi Chuan and Xingy Chuan. Internal martial arts systems are the most powerful of all martial arts as they teach the roots of Kung Fu and contain in them all external martial arts movements.

Find a video about Bagua here.

The course is designed to build a routine with specific exercises that open up blockages and to cultivate circulation of blood and qi in a slow and deep manner, thereby focusing on breath work and preventing any injuries. Postures and movement practices taught in the course in its self-healing aspects incorporate principles of TCM and are a powerful tool to align and unite the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Furthermore, the martial aspect of Baguazhang answers to the current fragmented world conditions because it teaches how to know yourself as an autonomous being and to operate in a balanced manner at your maximum potential. The essence of these ideas will be expanded on throughout the challenge.

Program Details

There will be a theoretical component especially at the start of the challenge then it will be followed up in subsequent classes. The practical component will start with still postures and build on them each day, adding whole body internal stretching, movement practices and finally Circle Walking. Standing Daoyin or Daoist yoga postures in conjunction with the stretches and movement practice will build core strength needed for the ultimate practice of Bagua Circle Walking.

– Introduction to internal martial arts
– Breathing and posture alignment
– Lineage facts and roots
– Chinese history, Medicine and philosophy context
– Baguazhang as a Medicine for the being

– Acupoint stimulation
– Daoyin Standing posture 5 element series
– Daoyin Standing postures extended series
– Whole body stretches
– Step basics
– Movement training for steps
– Movement training for whole body and core
– Circle Walking basics

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Yunuen Rhi is a martial artist, healer and cultural anthropologist with roots in Mexico, United States and Korea.  

She started training Baguazhang and healing arts in Beijing, China in 2008, and was initiated into the 6th generation of the lineage by her first Master, Liu Xuyang in 2010. Li Baohua holder of the 4th generation Magui Bagua lineage is her second Master with whom she currently trains intensively and does research about the art.

Her investigations in ancient knowledges of healing and movement from China and Mexico are informed by her Bagua practice, her healing work and her applied anthropology experience. Yunuen is convinced that Bagua is a key tool for elevating human consciousness therefore she shares her practice with artists, activists, entrepreneurs and the community at large since 2012 through workshops across Europe, Mexico and the United States.