3-Week Morning Challenge: Shadow Yoga with Alexandra

May 14-Jun 01, 2018
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00
Studio Sonne
130 €

A Postponement of the Holiday will be discussed with the group at the first day.

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This 3-week morning challenge will make you familiar with the terms and works of Shadow Yoga, while assisting you to sink deeper into a yogic  lifestyle based on Ayurvedic principles.

– Learn one basic ayurvedic principle per week to assist you with the course and its content
– Bring home a good habit and start implementing it during the day to boost your energy beyond the course
– Become accountable for yourself through simple measurable techniques
– Engage in a new way of preparing the body for your physical practice
– Learn a full shadow yoga form (prelude)
– Make yourself familiar with asanas that will increase the freed up energy
– Learn a closing sequence that energetically seals you

Week 1
Building the foundation. Ayurvedic habit evolution and why it is important to have. Get to know the basic habits that support a yogic lifestyle and practice (with homework). On a physical level: How to create a non harmful ujayi that leads natural into the 3 locks (bhandas).  Exploring the kanda (center of self).  Through various possibilities of warming up, creating a sequence and rhythm that sets up the mind and the body to engage with the Shadow Yoga form. Starting to work on the form.

Week 2
Implementing another good habit from ayurveda. Reflecting on the changes that are already happening. Learning the Shadow Yoga form in depth, step by step. Finishing off with a simple, but stabilising asana sequence.

Week 3
More input on a balanced morning routine that keeps you connected to yourself while leaving you more deeply engaged with world around you. And moving into the deep rhythm of the Shadow Yoga form to create a dynamic and empowering asana vinyasa sequence plus closing sequence.

Shadow Yoga is an unusual practice format as it is derived from Shaolin Monk practices, Indian classical dance and martial arts. It uses the common energetic preparations of these self cultivating practices that will lead the practitioner to its deeper art form – Yoga. So that you do not only practice with the intention to have a supple and lean body, but to engage with the deeper anatomy of a yogi. Understanding nadis and vayus through the practice, not only through theory and imagination. This is supported with practical tips from ayurveda that you will implement and be able to trace in its effect on your daily energy levels.

_24a5459Alexandra Kreis
was born in Germany and moved to Ireland for 14 years where she owned a studio and a massage clinic. In her 20s she picked up yoga due to her critical health. In her 30s she got introduced to Ayurveda and its common health practices. After her first teacher certification (2002) she deepened her studies with Natanaga Zhander (Shandor Remete) and his wife Emma Balnaves through the Shadow Yoga practice. In 2009 she completed her Shadow Yoga Teacher training and is a dedicated teacher.