3-Week Morning Challenge “Yin Yoga”
Yin yoga – a closer look at the physical, energetic and mind related aspects of the practice with Liina Tael and Victorien Colin

Apr 3 – 21, 2017
Mo-Fr 8.30-10.00*
Studio Sonne

*class timing over the easter holidays will be discussed on the first day

Yin yoga has become increasingly popular over the recent years. We can all benefit from slowing our lives down and taking some time for a deeper, slower practice.  Over the 3 weeks of the challenge you will have a chance to get a more in-depth look into the physiological, energetic and spiritual aspects of the yin practice. Each class will be a mix of lecture and theory (ca. 20 minutes) and practice (1 hour).  We will cover:

Week 1:
 Yin Yoga & Physical Body

  • the principles of Yin practice
  • the main Yin tissues
  • what stops you going deeper in poses: tension versus compression
  • skeletal variations
  • deeper look at fascia
  • Yin asanas, variations, use of props

Week 2:
Yin & Meridian Theory

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meridians and Yin yoga
  • 12 classical meridians and organ health
  • 5 elements
  • Flow of Qi/Prana

Week 3:
Yin Yoga and Mindfulness

  • Coming home to our body – embodied presence
  • Mindfulness of breath – building concentration
  • Mindfulness of feeling tone
  • Working with resistance
  • How to be with discomfort: physical, emotional, mental
  • Yin attitude off-the-mat

You do not need to have yin yoga experience to join the challenge, as all the main points will be covered during the sessions. But you do have to be interested in a slow, reflective, mindful way of practice. 

Timing of the holidays will be discussed on the first day.

You can find some basic info about a yin type of practice here.


Liina is originally from Estonia, where she started practicing yoga 18 years ago. She comes from a business background (read: work hard, play hard) and her “no pain, no gain” attitude slowly but surely was leading her towards a burn-out in her late 20s. The only constant in her hectic (self-destructing) lifestyle was yoga, which gradually was sprouting questions and longings that she had not felt before. In 2007 she took a sabbatical, travelled through India and Asia and by the end of that year through a series of coincidences found herself at a yoga teacher training course in (magical) Byron Bay, Australia. She’s never looked back since! She started teaching in 2008 at Byron Yoga Center, the same year completed her 500hr Teacher Training. After 2 years in Australia she followed her gypsy heart and kept exploring, teaching, practicing and learning. In 2014 life landed her in Berlin, where she has grown some roots along with a vibrant international yoga tribe. 

Her yoga today is influenced by lineages like hatha, vinyasa, anusara, yin, Iyengar and restorative yoga, always coupled with mindfulness techniques. Her most recent calling is a slow, contemplative yin yoga. Her heart’s mission is to use slower practices as a way to pause, to become curious and let yoga move us towards more meaning, greater passion for life and deeper understanding of ourselves and others. 

victorien_neu1Victorien teaches vinyasa and yin yoga since 5 years at yellow yoga. For him, yoga is a path to understanding oneself. It guides you to honour your body and your soul. By extending this understanding you will cultivate compassion for all other beings.