Monday, Dec 25, 11.00 – 13.00
Dancing from our core – A dance improvisation class‘ with Naama
This workshop will focus on the spine. The tail, the head and everything that is in between. How is the spine connected to the rest of us and can take the leadership in our movements. We will use partner work as a tool to inform our individual dance. We will travel through clearly constructed guided instructions and a more free-form liberated dancing. No dancing experience needed. Just the will to dive in and enjoy the dancing fruits.

Tuesday, Dec 26, 11.00-13.00
‘Feldenkrais’ with Adalisa
Feldenkrais is a gentle but powerful approach to movement that deepens the sense of how we move and increase the quality of coordination. We are using ATM – Awareness Through Movement – which is meant to be done with a spirit of exploration using the capacity to imagine the details of moving. In this workshop I will guide you through effortless, graceful, harmonious movements while investigating the connection and differentiation between neck, shoulders and pelvis.

Sunday, Dec 31, 14.00 -16.00
‘A Sacred Pause‘ with Victorien
We can sense it in our bodies that in the moment of pausing we really create a space to collect ourselves, focussing our attention on bringing greater flow, sensitivity, wisdom, care and intention into the moments that follow. This two-hour workshop is a golden chance to stop, open and soften. A pause to tune in, restore our freshness and enter a new year calm, centered and solid. Yin Yoga is an invitation to slow down with floor-based gentle postures held for several minutes in stillness. Very softening and releasing rather than pushing or striving, Yin Yoga works with the body’s vital connective tissue (rather than muscles) and energy streams (sometimes known as meridians). With an approach that is patient, interested and mindful you will learn how to explore the feeling tone of mind and body, moment to moment. This static practice is therefore a powerful bridge between yoga and meditation, and will suit those interested in relaxation and mindfulness.

Monday, Jan 1, 16.00-18.00
‘Be part of’ 
with Michael
Root chakra. Return the symbolic act of baptism, and accept full responsibility for yourself as an old newborn. Make space in your imagination and feel your fundamental belonging to the tribe of living things. We will use a flowing playful Asana practice together with breath awareness to bring sensation to the flesh and rediscover connections – within the body and beyond. We end this Yoga practice in meditation, sitting together in our self made utopia, a family of happy root chakras.