Tuesday, Dec 25, 15.00 – 17.30
‘Handstand: Straightforward Magic’ with Michael
There are many reasons why people want to stand on their hands. It’s fun, it looks cool, even a bit magical. It has many benefits like strengthening wrists, arms, shoulders, and learning to engage the core intelligently. In addition to all of this, a handstand practice can teach us perseverance, patience, humility, and honesty. Handstands don’t lie. This workshop will offer some resources for a sustainable handstand practice. We will play with ideas and exercises, both on and off the mat, both alone and with a partner, for building strength, for exploring and getting to know the upside down world.

Downward Facing Tree, Straightforward Magic.

This workshop is not suitable for people with injuries or unresolved pain in the wrists or shoulders.

Wednesday, Dec 26, 15.00 – 17.30
‘Winds Breath and Spirits’ with Naama
In this workshop, we will get in touch with our vayus (literally “winds”). Through consciously directing our breath and prana (life force) into different pockets of space in our bodies, we will invite expansion and different ways of being in the world. We will claim back our full self. From this place of connection and realignment of the subtle body, we will continue with a vinyasa practice that will integrate the vayus into a flow, observing the inner dance of the prana.

In this workshop, we’ll re-align and empower ourselves through a slow, mindful asana practice along with time for reflection, relaxation, and meditation. The workshop will include breathing practices and yoga asana which help balance the subtle energetic circuits of the body. We will allow the simple ritual of being together in practice and intention to reveal the seeds of inner wisdom waiting to unfold into luminosity and clarity in the subtlest of ways.

Tuesday, Jan 1, 15.00-17.30
‘Yoga Alchemy for the New Year’ 
with Krishna
The New Year is a great opportunity to let go of what we know and welcome new possibilities. This special sadhana will give you the opportunity to empower yourself and discover the potential to further your mind and body development. Yoga is an excellent path for inner transformation and to discover wisdom and love. It’s great to start the New Year with a wholesome activity that frees your mind and opens your heart. In this workshop, you will integrate important yogic themes that fuse with dynamic vinyasa sequences accompanied by different asana and pranayama, including meditation and relaxation techniques.


Reservation: not possible. On a first comes, first serves basis.
Price: 20€/ flatrate holders pay 10€
USC-members pay 10€ extra charge additionally to one check-in with their mobile.