Big Yellow Yoga Christmas Refugee Charity Day!

Sat Dec 5, 2015
all day in both studios
10€ minimum donation per workshop
30€ charity day pass
charity causes

Join us for a day of yoga workshops, food, live music and solidarity. The entire yellow yoga team donate their work for three different local refugee projects.

We have a very special schedule including:

Studio Sonne
06.00- 09.00



Kundalini sadhana with Anna-Luise and Sofia

(no minimum donation)


The sadhana starts with the japji (an old prayer we recite for around 20min), then 1 hour of kundalini yoga and then followed by one hour of chanting (with life music). Its open for everybody no matter if they have kundalini experience.
09.30- 11.00





Morning dance and chanting with Julia




We dance into the morning, explore the movement of the body and the breath in form of dance. Dancing in waves, from slow meditative moves through ecstatic dance, dancing whatever is there in the moment, finding the art within the movement. If a wave of energy is allowed to complete itself, it yields a whole new wave. Riding these waves means joining the cosmic dance, that moves the sun and the stars. After dancing we relax and finish the class with Mantra Chanting.
11.30- 13.15


Yoga with 80’s music with Kirileigh


Join Kiri for a super fun class with an all 80’s playlist, people are encouraged to dress up in 80’s style work out clothes and it’ll be really silly and fun.

Please note the dresscode: 80’s style. The best outfit will win a flatrate card for January.

13.30- 14.45 Singing circle with Jon

(no minimum donation)

A chance to come together and to rediscover our vibrational nature and the medicine of our own tune. A space to celebrate our interconnectedness through a common intention, in beauty and joy. An invitation to learn and share songs that feed our spirits and lift them higher while grounding our bodies in presence. Songs of sweetness and songs of courage, songs to honor the life of all, songs that unite and heal.

Songs that surely will keep our hearts glowing long after.

15.00- 16.35





Sweaty flow by Victoria with live music by Maya Shenfeld




Join Victoria and Maya for a sweaty Flow class featuring loads of core work, balancing, and some partner exercises. The soundtrack will take shape live, in class, felt, vibed and realized by Maya Shenfeld, a classically trained guitarist and a long time yellow yogi. Maya will use guitar, loops and meditative drones to create an sweet soundscape. We aim not just to get you moving, but also to move you. Post class vegan snacks included! Open to all levels of yoginess!
17.00- 19.00








5 Elements yoga by Liina with live music by Eli Salzman








Everything in nature (including us) is made up of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. We will explore the nature and qualities of each element in and through our bodies by combining the practices of Yin and Vinyasa yoga, with some simple Qi Gong elements and free-style movement (call it dance, if you want!).Understanding, exploring and embodying the five basic elements allows us to connect to our own body-mind-spirit structure, but also offers us a step beyond and glimpse into the laws of nature and our interconnectedness with everything that is. Our journey through the elements is accompanied by LIVE music by Eli Salzman using his voice, keyboard and live looping (with fresh improvisations and reinterpreted compositions). This class is suitable for all levels.
19.30- 21.00


Low chakra flow with Carrie with live band Rasif (Syria, Italy, Germany)


A 90 minute deep and slow flow with an emphasis on activating and healing the lower chakras associated with basic survival and emotions. Members of the Rasif band will support the asana practice with improvisational Sufi music, helping participants to tune more deeply into their practice and lower chakras.

A former music biz executive and rock chick, Carrie Svingen loves to light people up with yoga and music.

This slow flow class is suitable for all levels.

21.15- 23.00




Salutation by Naama and Kyla with live music by Ori




We will slowly build a foundation that connects breath to movement of the body, offering several variations on salutation repetitions. This will evolve into independant salutation practice during which Naama and Kyla will give individual assists and adjustments. The class will wind down together with a led finishing sequence of self-adjusting and self massage in preparation for a deep and restorative Savassana. All levels. Live music will be played throughout the class by musician Ori: http://soundcloud.com/orialbo
Gelber Raum
10.00- 11.00





Family Yoga with Sofia





An hour of family yoga for parents and children to practice together. Sofia is a mother and a Kundalini Yoga teacher. She found through “Kidding around Yoga” a playfull way to bring adults and children on the mat to experience Yoga together. Songs are in english but depending on the language of the children present story telling can be in german. At the end for Savasana we go to the Secret Garden…Give your inner child this hour of practice.





Massage workshop with Jakub




As one feels good when relaxed, this is also when our nature can balance itself easily. We will see how a simple massage can facilitate our health and overall well being. It will be enjoyable, we will start by warming up our hands, concentrate on our breathing, we will talk about the basics of acupressure and ayurvedic lifestyle, then we will explore the actual massage. We will get the feeling of how our body responds to touch and develop its healing ability. No matter your background, after this meeting you will know how to give a relaxing head &s houlders massage to the ones you care for.
14.00- 15.30





ISHTA Meditation with Julie




In this expanded meditation practice we’ll use a sequence of carefully chosen Tantric and Ayurvedic tools to reconnect with our deeper intentions so they can guide us through the holiday season. Using simple pre- and post-meditative asana practice we’ll prepare body and mind for deeper stillness and then come back to life to take the inspiration from practice back out into our living! This 90-minute class will include approx. 30 min. each meditation, pre-meditative warm up asana and post-meditative grounding /activating asana. All levels welcome.
17.00- 19.00




Hatha Yoga for the lunar energy with Davide




This Yoga session is designed to cultivate the feminine side of our energy. Its central practice of Moon Salutation is a soothing and calming experience. The particular combination of Asanas and Pranayamas of this class is aimed to relieve stress and anxiety and uncover our wisdom. All levels and all ages are welcome.

Get a charity massage!
From 15.30 Rachael (Heart Embodied Massage)  will be offering different massage treatments for refugees fundraising. Come and experience her angel’s touch!

Please note that the offered workshops are instead of our regular schedule. All donations will go towards supporting selected local Refugee Solidarity Projects, find more details here.

Minimum donation 10€ per class or 30€ for a day pass. No flatrates/ 11-class cards can be accepted on this day.