Monday, Dec 26, 11.00 – 13.30
‘Heartcenter/Compassion/Kindness’ – a kundalini workshop with Anna-Luise
In this workshop we will focus on opening our heart center. Finding that point of deep stillness, in its neutral, peaceful, divine space, once it feels free and safe to open and come into balance. Remembering what it means to be kind and compassionate to ourselves, so we can be kind and compassionate to others and plant those seeds around us.We will warm up, align, prepare our bodies with some hatha/vinyasa/kundalini asanas…connecting to our breath by practicing some pranayama (guided breath work) and then go on the journey with a kundalini yoga kriya focusing on balancing and opening the heart center. After a relaxation we will dive into the beautiful practice of mantra to seal what we found in our hearts and to take it with us into our worlds afterwards. We can always sing ..if not out loud then inside ourselves… It is recommended to not eat 2 hours before practice (if you have to then something small and light). Comfortable cloth (natural fiber is best ) and some water to drink and maybe a note book for some thoughts after the practice would be nice to bring.Open to all level.

“once our hearts are open, our own experience of infinity, our own inner union flowers and bears the fruit of love . compassion .once our own inner integrity is established we can enter into the relationships with others with something to give – not looking for something to take. from this inner balance we can then find balance with the other – so that the two can become one once again. love is love. there is no condition. there is nothing to find and there´s certainly nothing to take. love can only be received – and given – from the fullness of the liberated heart.”
yogi bhajan