We are a “Solidarische Yogagemeinschaft”/”Community Supported Yoga Project” and we need our community’s support!

Our philosophy has always been to make yoga available to everyone, regardless of income, and that is still our aim. yellow yoga is not run under a normal business model, but as a not-for-profit social project, which we feel adds to our strong community. We are now asking our community, you, to support us in meeting our costs and making sure all our staff are paid a fair wage.

Our standard price to cover costs and to work sustainably is 9€. Only if we have yogis with higher income paying 12€, are we able to offer the 6€ price for low income earners, and we need your help to make the system work. 

At the moment 58% declare that they are in lowest income category, which brings our project into dangerous financial territory. If we cannot change this through transparent conversation in the coming months (we need minimum 50% paying the regular price to be sustainable), we will have to raise our prices and/or have to start checking for proof of income. We don´t want to have to do that! Our aim is to make yoga available to everyone, regardless of financial situation. We take your word for it, so we need you to do the right thing at the kasse, then enjoy your yogic karma!