Welcome to yellow yoga!

We are a “Solidarische Yogagemeinschaft”/ “Community Supported Yoga Project” and you are an important part of it!

We offer drop-in yoga classes and special courses, morning challenges and retreats  – taught by experienced yoga teachers. Our drop-in yoga classes are priced according to your income. Intense, affordable and regular yoga practice in two studios – one in Kreuzberg (Gelber Raum, Mariannenstr. 48), and one in Neukölln (Studio Sonne, Sonnenallee 67) – and online at your home.

Our philosophy

free. open.
No contracts, but freedom: our drop-in system allows you to practice yoga whenever you want.

fair. safe.
Prices pay respect to varying financial backgrounds and they rely on the honesty of each yogi. Teachers are well-trained professionals with many years of experience. We pay them fair wages.

international. tolerant. communitarian.
Our yoga teachers come from all over the world, and so do our yogis. Yoga is taught in different languages so everyone can join.

warm. family-like.
We know each other. We get to know each other even better through intensive challenges, workshops and retreats. We organize charity events and support social projects in the kiez and all over the world.

committed. dedicated.
We wish our yogis to find a deep regular practice. We provide long-term courses, programs and retreats with fixed groups, so yellow yogis can establish a routine, deepen their practice and get more advanced.

caring. sustainable. conscious.
We care about you. But we respect your data (no profiles or check-in cards). We think the protection of the environment and sustainability are super-important.

non-dogmatic. lively.
You can try many different yoga styles at yellow yoga. You are your own guru. Yoga can be fun and light-hearted.

pure. simple.
It’s about yoga. No shop. No frills. Nothing else.

experimental. different.
Many classes/courses on specific topics e.g. pranayama, yoga philosophy, meditation, body work, voice training, energy work, and movement training. Try these out yourself and get to know yoga from a different perspective or discover a different approach to it.