3-week morning-challenge „Expanding Intuition“ with Paula Malherbe
Oct 17-Nov 04, 2022
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00
Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) & ONLINE

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The challenge will offer you an opportunity to develop and expand your sixth sense. Techniques will be shown to you through movement and meditation coming from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga.

Week 1
– What is Intuition and examples of Intuition
– The relevance of journaling and dreams
– Looking at the heart brain connection
– Kriyas (set of exercises) to prepare the body for meditation
– Meditations for expanding consciousness

Week 2
– Exploring the inner workings of the brain to understand better what Intuition is
– Investigating the sixth chakra and its relevance to Intuition
– Intuition as a “Superpower”
– Kriyas for the week to enhance Intuition
– Meditations for developing your Inner Knowing

Week 3
– How the neutral mind can enhance your intuitive abilities
– How intuition can help you in everyday life
– Characteristics of intuitive people
– Kriyas for developing intuition
– Deepening of the meditation process

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Online 10-week course “Own your practice” with Eric Leclercq
Oct 17-Dec 19, 2022
Mo 19.00–21.00

150 €  
This course is held Online via Zoom.

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Join Éric this Fall for “Own Your Practice”, a 10 week course to make you more confident and independent in your own yoga practice! Tailored for yogis who are interested in exploring key themes of the modern yoga world within a group container, the course offers weekly 2h sessions of practice, theory, and discussions.

This course will help shape your personal practice into something that stays adapted to your needs and desires throughout your life.

Week 1 – Introduction

Week 2&3 – Body
– Every-body is different
– Listening to your body: proprioception & interoception
– Flexibility & strength, mobility & stability

Week 4&5 – States
– Internal states and landscape
– Edges and intentions
– Tools for self-regulation

Week 6&7 – Movement
– Thinking about what asanas are
– Alignment cues or invitations to move
– Finding your own sequences

Week 8&9 – Context
– Yoga in a socio-historical context
– Teachers, lineages, authority
– Authenticity or consumerism?

Week 10 – Wrap Up

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