Online 2-Week Morning Challenge: ‘Exploring Meditation’ with Anya Kinneavy

Dec 07-Dec 18, 2020
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00

100 €

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This 2-Week Morning Challenge is held online via zoom. You will receive the zoom-link and all other information from us with your payment confirmation.

This is a 2-week course that will explore key aspects of meditation – why we practice, which tools to use, and how to bring its many powerful benefits into everyday life.

We’ll use meditation to:
– find mental calm
– enquire into thought patterns and understand what effect they have
– break habitual patterns between stimulus and reaction
– explore mindfulness techniques and cognitive psychology (CBT)
– get more comfortable with emotions
– explore the deeper purpose of meditation in the Yoga tradition, Vedanta and Buddhism
– enjoy a deeper appreciation of everyday life

Each class will include a mixture of gentle movement to relax the body, breath awareness, contextual theory and meditation practice.
Everyone is welcome to join, with or without prior experience.

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Lecture Series “The History and Philosophy of Yoga” with Amanda Morelli and MartaPalombo

Oct 06-Dec 08, 2020
Tue 19.00-20.30

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Drop-In 15€

Yoga – the union of what?
In this lecture course, we will investigate yogic systems of philosophy, self-transformation and salvation and the many forms they have taken throughout history. We will look at the origins of key terms like karma and samsara, and explore the evolution of the concept of „Yoga“ – starting from Vedic India, travelling through the philosophical expressions of Classical Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Tantric Yoga, and arriving at the medicalisation and globalisation of Yoga as we often find it in the modern age.

Dec 01: Class 9 – Late medieval Yoga
Dec 08: Class 10 – Yoga meets the West

Anyone who is interested can join, no previous knowledge necessary.

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8-week Lecture Series “Manifest your dreams” with Alexandra Kreis

Oct 24-Dec 12, 2020
Sa 15.00-16.30

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Drop-In 8/10/12€

This 8-week Lecture Series will help you to access the dreams and visions you have for your life and how to manifest and channel them into your daily life, fulfilling your life’s purpose. Each week you will talk about a different topic that will help you on this journey.

November 28: “The Importance of Navigating Deep Waters on your Growth Path”
December 05: “Fire Proofing your Dreams”
December 12: “Staying on Track with What you Have Built”

Each Lecture can be joined individually and you don’t need any prior knowledge to join. 

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