3-week morning challenge „Embracing the light: summer solstice self-care and rituals“ with Malu Lopez
May 30-Jun 16, 2023
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00
(first day of the challenge is Tue, May 30, because May 29 is a bank holiday)
Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) & ONLINE

Please register here.

This 3-week morning challenge is held in Studio Sonne and online via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link together with your booking confirmation via e-mail.

As we transition into the season of longer, warmer days, now is the time to ask:
How do I stay centred while dealing with the exuberant energy of this season?
What are the tools that will support me in this transition?
What can I allow to shift, grow, expand, clear, and create?

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10-Week Hatha Yoga Präventionskurs: „Heart wide open“ with Marta Palombo
Apr 11-Jun 20 (no class on May 2)
Tue 16.15-17.30
Gelber Raum (Mariannenstr. 48)
145 €  

Please register here.

We will meet weekly for a Hatha Yoga practice, which will include postures and movements (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), sounds (mantra) and guided meditations. Everyone is welcome to join, with any or no prior yoga experience.

The practice will have a focus on the fourth chakra. Anahata (translated as “sourceless sound”) is a source of connection: the bridge between physical and spiritual heart, and also between the natural and spiritual realms. In the yogic tradition, the Eternal Self lives in our heart. Being connected to this centre leads to being one with oneself and the world.

Anahata tells us that love is the guiding principle of everything that exists. This heartful practice refines the human sense of willpower and connects it to the divine qualities of faith and synchronicity. It invites an opening into the joyful feeling of spring, with newness and transformation, a sense of harmony and unity.

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