Online 3-Week Morning Challenge: “Fascia Yoga – A playful and healing approach to enliven body and practice” with Valérie

Oct 05-23, 2020
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00

140 €

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This morning-challenge is held online via zoom. You will receive the zoom-link and all other information from us per e-mail one day before the start.

The fascia holds many keys to knowing how your body works and what it needs, as well as how to better care for it. In this 3-week challenge, you will explore the unique fascial patterns of your body, and develop mini sequences to use in daily life, as well as variations for your regular yoga practice to help you keep your fascia healthy. 

Week 1
– What is fascia?
– The main fascia lines in the body
– Basic principles of fascia yoga in vinyasa

Week 2
– Fascia and the energy body: similarities in nature and needs
– Fascia lines, chakras and meridians 
– Basic principles of fascia yoga in yin

Week 3
– Fascia for the jaw/neck/shoulders
– Fascia for the middle and lower spine/diaphragm
– Fascia for the hips/pelvis/legs

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8-Week Präventionskurs: “Hatha Yoga – Energy Wheels of Life: Unlocking the Secret of the Chakras” with Krishna Kumar Krishnan

Okt 06- Nov 24, 2020
Tu 14.00–15.30

Studio Sonne, Sonnenallee 67
110 €

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This course may also be offered online at the same time. Further information follows!

Due to the current health&safety regulations, the number of participants is limited to 18 yogis.

We specifically recommend this course to students who have been practising yoga for at least one year.

What is the secret of the chakras and where does the energy flow?

To answer this question, we have to first understand prana and the nadis. In Sanskrit, prana means “vital energy”. It is the energy responsible for all of our life experiences – both physical and spiritual. The nadis are energy pathways that transport prana throughout the subtle bodies. A bit like subway lines, the nadis carry the prana through the body. According to yogic philosophy, chakra means a central wheel where the nadis converge.
So they are like prana subway stations, where different lines meet and cross. The prana that moves inside of us is constantly flowing and circulating, and at the points where that prana meets, this movement is even more intense.

What you will learn in this course:
– Learn more about the prana vayu through yoga sequences, kriya, mantra, yantra, pranayama, concentration and meditation
– Learn more about the six lower chakras
– Learn more about the six lower chakras
– What are the five jnanendriyas (organs of perception) and karmendriyas (organs of action)
– Practice new kriyas and mantras
– Enjoy new yoga sequences

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Online 10-week Lecture Series “The History and Philosophy of Yoga” with Amanda and Marta

Oct 06-Dec 08, 2020
Tu 19.00-20.30
100 €

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This Lecture Series is held online via zoom. You will receive the zoom-link and all other information from us per e-mail one day before the start.

Yoga – the union of what?
Yoga is often described as meaning „union“ or „integration“. The first use of the word is found in the Rigveda (circa XV century BCE), where yoga literally meant the yoke one placed on an animal to yoke it to a war chariot or plow. By extension, yoga has come to describe a means of uniting or a method of discipline. It is both the goal and the path that takes us there.

In this 10-week course, we will investigate yogic systems of philosophy, self-transformation and salvation and the many forms they have taken throughout history. We will look at the origins of key terms like karma and samsara, and explore the evolution of the concept of „Yoga“ – starting from Vedic India, travelling through the philosophical expressions of Classical Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Tantric Yoga, and arriving at the medicalisation and globalisation of Yoga as we often find it in the modern age.

Anyone who is interested can join, no previous knowledge necessary.

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