Online 3-Week Morning Challenge: „Expanding Intuition“ with Paula Malherbe

Jun 7-25, 2021
Fr 08.30–10.00


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What exactly is Intuition? 
Most commonly we tend to talk about gut feel, this inner knowing. How easy life could be if we were permanently connected to our sixth sense, pointing us in the right direction, so that we could stay safe by making the right choices, whether in business or relationships. There has been a time in most people’s lives where we wished we’d made a different choice and if we had, how would that have affected
our lives. What gives us the ability to make the right decision? How do we navigate following the path of least resistance?
These 3 weeks will offer you an opportunity to develop and expand your sixth sense. Techniques will be shown to you through movement and meditation coming from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga.

Week 1
– What is Intuition and examples of Intuition
– The relevance of journaling and dreams
– Looking at the heart-brain connection

Week 2
– Exploring the inner workings of the brain to understand better what Intuition is
– Investigating the sixth chakra and its relevance to Intuition
– Intuition as a “Superpower”

Week 3
– How the neutral mind can enhance your intuitive abilities
– How intuition can help you in everyday life

You do not need previous experience in Kundalini Yoga to participate. Some of the Kriyas might be challenging at times, but in Kundalini you always do the best that you can. What you will need is a curious mind, an open heart and commitment.

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