Online 3-Week Morning Challenge: “Intensive Pranayama Morning Practice and Sattvic Detox Diet” with Amanda Morelli

Mar 08 –26, 2021
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00


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This 3-week morning challenge will give you a strong theoretical and experiential base to apply the yogic art of breathing (pranayama) to different aspects of your life and deepen both your physical and spiritual practice. It includes 3 weeks of sattvic detox diet and fasting (optional and depending on experience).

Week 1
– Yogic diet and sattvic food: guidelines for a safe diet and fasting
– Yogic cleansing practices
Asanas for pranayama
– Breath awareness
– Basic pranayamas: abdominal, thoracic and clavicular breathing, full yogic breath
– Pranayamas to expand the capacity of the lungs
– Exercises to relax and strengthen the diaphragm
– Breath and movement: dynamic pranayamas
– Root lock (mula bandha) and throat lock (jalandhara bandha)

Week 2
– Anatomy of breathing
– Introducing the classical pranayamas and their effects.
– Diaphragm lock (uddyiana bandha)
Introducingbreath retention (kumbhaka)

Week 3
– Yogic understanding of prana and breathing: nadis, chakras, prana vayus
– Classical pranayamas, advanced
Kumbhaka, advanced
Pranayama in the asana practice
Pranayama for meditation
– Introduction to Swara yoga, brain breathing.

The program may be slightly adjusted to fit the group.

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Online 3-Week Morning Challenge: “Foundations of Flow” with Gabriel Ching

Apr 06-24, 2021
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00


Please note this morning challenge starts on Tuesday, April 06, because of Easter Monday on April 05.
There will be an additional session on Saturday, April 24.

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This morning challenge invites you on a 3-week journey through the practice and theory of flow-based yoga to help you find more comfort and confidence in your yoga practice – whether you’re new to yoga or have been practising for some time. This 3-week programme is designed for those of you who want to start practicing yoga in a clear step-by-step structured course, and for those who have experience but who still feel unsure in certain postures or want to refine their physical alignment and internal awareness.

Each individual session in this morning challenge is a fully-rounded yoga class, combining asana practice with breathing exercises and theory and information on flow and technique. The whole three weeks complement and build on each other, offering an optimal combination of alignment principles, practical exercises and theory insights to help you build the foundations for lifelong learning and a strong, secure and confident future yoga journey.

This course is open to anyone, regardless of their previous level of experience with yoga.

Week 1
– The concept of ujaayi breath, the importance of developing cadence in your inhales and exhales.
– Finding your own flow and rhythm in sun salutations.
– Introduction to essential standing poses and their key principles.
– Foundational arm balances, inversions and core strengtheners, backbends, twists and side bends.
– How to carry out safe transitions between poses.
– The importance of patience and consistency in your practice.

Week 2
– Investigating the optimum spacing of the hands and feet in different poses.
– Working on core-strengthening postures while maintaining the natural flow of breath.
– Alignment principles and body awareness for arm and hand-balances.
– Exploration of the idea that awareness goes beyond simply sensing the most dominant physical sensation in your body.

Week 3
– A closer look at pranayama breathing techniques to modulate the air in the lungs.
– The fundamentals and practice of hip openers.
– Safety, body awareness and the role of the pelvis in backbends.
– Using strength to jump forwards and back with ease and integrity.
– Combining all of this new knowledge into flowing yoga sequences .

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