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For information about subbed classes, check the bottom of this page.

Tomorrow, October 22, is another climate strike.
Show up in large numbers at 12.00 in front of the Brandenburg Gate and demonstrate with us for a future worth living and the preservation of our unique beautiful nature. For an immediate change in climate policy. See you tomorrow!

More classes, more teachers, more yellow yoga 💛⁠
On October 1, we introduced an even more varied weekly yoga schedule, with up to twelve classes a day across our two different studios. We will also be welcoming back several teachers to our studios after they took an extended summer break. And some sub teachers are becoming regulars! 

* PLEASE BE ON TIME, we can’t let you in when you are late to the class. Please come at least 10 minutes before the start of the class, so we can check you in, etc. and the class can start on time.

To take part in one of our classes you need:
* to do a corona test in a test centre/pharmacy before you enter the studios (not older than 24 hours)
* ⁠⁠or bring a verification of your vaccination with you (valid from 14 days after your 2. vaccination)
* or verification of your full recovery from Covid-19 within the last six months.
– we can’t let you in without proof of either a negative test or vaccination/full recovery!


Spaces will be limited in the studio, so be quick and log onto Fitogram or USC soon if you want to secure your spot in our first studio classes of 2021. Unlike online classes, the in-studio classes are marked as “IN STUDIO SONNE” or “IN GELBER RAUM”.⁠⁠
To ensure the utmost safety, comfort and well-being for all classes in Studio Sonne & Gelber Raum please:⁠⁠
⁠⁠- reserve your spot in class in advance via Fitogram or USC
⁠⁠- bring your own mat⁠⁠
– wear a mask in the entrance area⁠⁠ (but not during the class).

We look forward to seeing you all very soon! ☀️⁠⁠

Online 3-Week Morning Challenge:
Winter Self-care: Explore the Inner Landscapes” with Liina Tael

Nov 08-26, 2021
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00
140 €

Please register here.

Winter is the energy of the element Water, the time of rest and hibernation when nature retreats to build up its reserves for its next cycle of seasons.  These sessions will be a combination of Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, gentle flow and QiGong movements, Yoga Nidra, meditation, pranayama and long Savasanas.

Week 1
– Why does slowing down matter?
– Experiencing the difference between yin yoga and restorative yoga.
– Main principles and techniques of yin yoga and restorative yoga.
– Embodying safety and capacity 
– Exploring what balanced movement nutrition feels like. 
– Introducing somatic meditation
– Daily practice of yin yoga, restorative yoga, somatic movement, gentle flow, QiGong, meditation and pranayama.

Week 2
– Living according to the seasons and honouring our cyclical nature.
– Seasons in Taoism and how to apply it to practice.
– Self-care versus self-improvement
– Introducing Yoga Nidra.
– Daily practice of yin yoga, restorative yoga, somatic movement, gentle flow, QiGong, meditation and pranayama.

Week 3
– Practical exploration of the definition of yoga: Citta vrtti Nirodhah.
– Why does stillness matter?
– Now that we’ve cultivated some techniques, bringing in silent practices with minimal instruction, where you have space to develop your own personal practice.
– Daily practice of yin yoga, restorative yoga, somatic movement, gentle flow, QiGong, meditation and pranayama.

More information here.

We welcome Leah and Noa to our yellow yoga teacher team!
We are really excited to announce that we have two new teachers, Leah and Noa, joining the yellow yoga team – to teach new classes for this wonderful community. Maybe you have already met them as sub teachers in one of the yellow yoga studios or through your zoom screens in recent weeks 💛 ⁠

Leah is teaching from November onwards Mondays in Studio Sonne, vinyasa A+ from 15.30-17.00.
Noa is going to introduce new ashtanga classes to our schedule! She is teaching ashtanga Thursdays in Studio Sonne from 08.15-09.45 and Fridays from 07.00-08.15. So get ready and book your classes, ashtanga yogis! Noa is also teaching a Vinyasa A+ class on Fridays in Studio Sonne from 09.00-10.15.
See you on the mat!

Saturday, October, 23, 10.15-11.30, Studio Sonne, Vinyasa A+, Anna by Johanna
Saturday, October 23, 17.30-18.45, Studio Sonne, vinyasa B+, Gabriel by Diletta
Saturday, October 23, 19.15-20.30, Studio Sonne, vinyasa B, Gabriel by Diletta
Sunday, October 24, 18.15-19.30, Gelber Raum, slow flow, Yanina by Judith
Sunday, October 24, 20.00-21.15, Gelber Raum, restorative yoga, Yanina by Judith
Wednesday, October 27. 08.15-9.30, Gelber Raum, ashtanga, Camilla by Lydia
Friday, October 29, 18.15-19.30, Gelber Raum, Intuitive yoga, Éric by Judith
Sunday, October 31, 16.00-17.00. Studio Sonne, pranayama meditation, Orsola by Julie
Sunday, October 31, 18.15-19.30, Gelber Raum, slow flow, Yanina by Grace
Sunday, October 31, 20.00-21.15, Gelber Raum, yin yoga, Yanina by Grace

Monday, November 1, 15.30-17.00, Studio Sonne, vinyasa A+, Shirin by Magdalena
Monday, November 1, 17.30-19.00, Studio Sonne, vinyasa B, Kat by Magdalena
Monday, November 1, 19.30-12.00, Studio Sonne, yin yoga, Kat by Magdalena
Friday, November 12, 10.00-11.30, Gelber Raum, core yoga, Jennifer by Magdalena
Friday, November 12, 12.00-13.30, Gelber Raum, yin yoga, Jennifer by Magdalena
Wednesday, November 17, 19.30-21.00, Studio Sonne, Intuitive yoga, Éric by Valérie
Friday, November 19, 18.15-19.30, Gelber Raum, Intuitive yoga, Éric by Judith