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For information about subbed classes, check the bottom of this page.

Happy Easter, yellow yogis!

Yellow yoga will be open every day (including Good Friday and Easter Monday). There will be one morning yoga class each day at 11am and a whole range of different evening yoga and meditation classes between 5-9pm.

We wish you a joyful Easter season in small circles this year. Stay safe and healthy!

Urban Sports Club use suspended.

Unfortunately, the participation in our yoga courses via Urban-Sports-Club membership is not possible at the moment. As soon as something new will happen, we will inform you. We are sorry for all of you who are not able to join us at short notice and we apologize for this. If you are affected, please contact USC directly. 

You can still book a spot in all yellow yoga classes at our social drop-in prices of 8/10/12 euro via Fitogram. You can also buy a monthly flatrate (valid for a month from day of purchase) for access to unlimited classes for just 70 or 80 euro. To buy one, click here and check under “contracts”.

Thank you so much for supporting yellow yoga during this time.

Stay healthy and see you soon!

yellow yoga is online!

Our physical studios may be closed right now, but you can now stream all our yellow yoga classes online!

How can you join?

1. Sign up for the class via Fitogram here. It’s easy and free to open an account. You can then choose the price you would like to pay on the yellow yoga sliding scale – just like old times! Fitogram accepts different payment options.

If you are a USC member, you can book each class directly using the USC app. Just navigate to yellow yoga and click on the online course you would like to join, and then on the blue button that says “Instant book“. This will check you in for the class automatically. Important Update: With an M-membership you can check-in virtually a total of 8 times a month4 x at Gelber Raum and 4 x at Studio Sonne per month.

2. We will email you the link to the online class around 15 minutes before the class starts.c

You can join the classes on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. We will be using Zoom for the streaming. You can download Zoom in advance right here, so you are ready and have everything you need when the class goes live.

We’re really enjoying these chances to connect with the yellow yoga community again – wherever you may be right now.

Online 3-Week Morning Challenge: 
‘Yoga essentials – explore the fundamental elements of yoga‘ with 

Apr 20-May 08, 2020
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00
Online Challenge
140 €

Please register here.

Please note that this 3-Week Morning Challenge will take place online. You will get the login information some days before the start.

This 3-week morning intensive course explores the essential elements of yoga in depth. It is open to everyone – whether you’re just starting, or you’ve practiced for a while and are ready to give your practice a greater depth of meaning and understanding. The classes will include a full and well-rounded program of physical practice, theory, philosophy and meditation.

Week 1
We will explore the ‘bigger picture’ of yoga – the fundamental underlying philosophy, an overview of the historical background, and an explanation of key concepts such as ‘seeing through the filter’ (avidya) and the purpose and practice of meditation.

Weeks 2 and 3
We continue to explore the major physical postures, moving towards creating a tailor-made personal home practice with support and guidance, and finally we delve beyond the physical ‘layer’ to explore the body’s energetics – nadischakras–  and how they relate to our psychology, emotions and daily life.

Find more information here.

Online 10-Week Course: Embodied Yoga Anatomy with Amanda

Apr 22-Jun 24, 2020
Wed 19.30–21.00
Gelber Raum, Mariannenstr. 48
100 €  

Please register here.

Please note that this 10-Week Course will take place online. You will get the login information some days before the start.

In this course we will explore basic notions of anatomy applied to the yoga practice, looking mainly at the skeletal, muscular and nervous system. The theoretical elements will be presented in an accessible, embodied and relevant way. No previous experience necessary!

The first part of the course will be dedicated to building a theoretical understanding of the anatomy of movement by looking at terminology, body systems, joints and structural limitations, basic notions of biomechanics, muscle structure and performativity, mechanoreceptors and reflexes. We will look at the nervous system, the role it plays in movement and how the practice affects it.

The second part of the course will be dedicated to specific areas of the body, using anatomy as a tool to support body awareness and make our practice personalised and safe.

Find more information here.