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Here you’ll find our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, you can get in touch with us using the contact form below.


Can I buy a gift voucher from yellow yoga?

Yes, and yoga classes make great Christmas presents! If you want to buy a voucher for a friend, you can choose between any number of drop-in classes (10€ each), an 11-class card (100€), or even a weekly (30€) or monthly (70€) flatrate.We’ll send you the voucher in a beautiful digital format. If you’re thinking about giving the gift of yoga this x-mas, just send us an email (German or English) to and we’ll get back to you with how to book.

How can I book a spot in one of your online classes?

There are two options.

  1. Sign up for a class via Fitogram here. It’s easy and free to open an account. You can then choose the price you would like to pay on the yellow yoga sliding scale – just like old times! Fitogram accepts different payment options. Online live-streamed classes are marked as ONLINE and are blue on the Fitogram schedule.
  2. If you are a USC member, you can book each class directly using the USC app. Under “Activities” search for “yellow” to find the list of all of our available classes. Online classes are marked as “ONLINE”. Click on the online course you would like to join, and then on the blue button that says “Instant book“. This will check you in for the class automatically.

We will email you the link to the online class around 15 minutes before the class starts. If you can’t find the email, please check your spam folder, as it may have landed in there!

You can join the classes on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. We will be using Zoom for the streaming. You can download Zoom in advance right here, so you are ready and have everything you need when the class goes live.

I'm a Urban Sports Club member. How many online classes can I join per month?

Urban Sports Club members with an M membership can check into yellow yoga classes a total of 8 times a month: 4 x in Gelber Raum and 4 x in Studio Sonne. L and XL members can check in 16 times a month: 8 x in Gelber Raum and 4 x in Studio Sonne.

Can I buy a monthly flatrate card for the online classes?

Yes, we are offering a monthly flatrate that allows you to come to as many yellow yoga online classes as you want to for one month! You can buy them HERE (see Contracts). This flatrate is valid for one month from the time of receiving your booking confirmation. It is not bound to a calendar month.We offer two prices 70€/80€ for our monthly flatrate to ensure that our yoga classes are as accessible as possible. When calculating your monthly income, please take into consideration savings, money your family is giving you, welfare from the state etc. We work with the following income brackets: 

<1000 € a month = 70€ 
>1000 € a month = 80€ 

We know these are uncertain times and we are not sure how long our physical studios have to be closed. If we are able to open our physical studios again before the end of your online contract, you can exchange your online flatrate into a physical flatrate and attend the classes in our studios again. If this is not an option for you, because you don’t live in Berlin, we promise to offer at least one online class a day alongside our classes in the physical studio. 

This is my first time doing yoga. Which classes at yellow yoga are suitable for me?

We offer a range of different styles of yoga to suit all kinds of different levels of energy and experience. Classes marked “A” are designed for people with little to no prior experience, and “A+” are for intermediate-level yogis. In these classes, the teacher will provide regular verbal support in the form of detailed cues and descriptions of fundamental poses. Classes marked as “B” and “C” tend to be more physically demanding, with less input from the teacher and freedom for more experienced yogis to follow their own initiative. Classes marked as “all levels” are open to everyone, but may be more or less physically demanding depending on the style of yoga taught and the teacher. If you like, you are always welcome to tell the teacher that you have never done yoga before so that they can offer you some extra support in your first ever class.

Are your classes in English or in German?

Most of the classes at yellow yoga are held in English, with a few taught in German. Please check the course schedule for more information. English classes are marked “english” and German “deutsch”.

I’d like to sign up to one of your courses/morning challenges but I won’t be able to attend 100% of the classes. Is that a problem?

Thanks for your interest in our special intensive courses. We understand that sometimes it is impossible to attend all of the sessions, whether that be because of work, holiday, illness or other unexpected events. You are still very welcome to take part in the course. If you know in advance that you will be away for part of the course, let the teacher know and they may be able to fill you in on what you will miss. Unfortunately, yellow yoga itself is not able to issue refunds or partial re-payments for the whole course or for missed sessions after you have booked the course and reserved your spot. Issuing refunds would involve a large amount of administrative work and we need to keep our workflow as simple as possible in order to be able to offer our classes and courses at the current fair, social and accessible prices. We thank you for your understanding!

I’m a yoga teacher. Can I teach at yellow yoga?

Thanks for your interest in working with us! We receive a large number of applications from talented yoga teachers every week, so we are currently not actively looking for new staff members. You are very welcome to send us your CV and any other information about your experience and we will add your details to our database and be in contact if there are any opportunities in the future.

Does yellow yoga offer “Präventionskurse”?

We regularly offer “Präventionskurse” throughout the year. These are courses that are subsidised by many German public health insurance companies, for up to 80% of the cost. We have announced the information of our upcoming “Präventionskurse” for 2020 on our news page, so please check there for more information.

Our next “Präventionskurs” with Krishna will start on Jan 28, 2021.

All other classes (including drop-ins, morning challenges, normal 10-week courses and retreats) do not have official “Präventionskurs” status and therefore cannot be subsidised by health insurance companies.


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