Anya has been teaching yoga in Berlin since 2009. She teaches the whole path of yoga, integrating the ancient and valuable roots of Vedanta philosophy with a modern-day awareness of the natural biomechanics of the individual body. Her classes guide students back to a sense of natural lightness, brightness and simplicity in the fullness of what is already here and now.

vinyasa – en
An uplifting whilst deeply calming variation of vinyasa flow yoga, in which the flow of postures becomes a steadily paced and organic meditation in movement with a clear, continual focus on the breath.

slow flow yoga – en
A busy life often means our nervous system is in a continual ‘high alert’ state. Whilst that keeps us engaged when we need it, it’s vital that we find a balance for healthy wellbeing. A slower pace provides a sanctuary from the ‘reactivity mode’ of daily life, letting us unwind tensions held throughout the whole body, breathe fully and drop back into our natural centre. Expect a steady pace of nourishing flows and deep stretches, ample relaxation and inspiration from yogic and mindfulness traditions. It’s a perfect way to prepare body and mind for the (optional) meditation class afterwards.

meditation – en
It’s easy to feel constantly caught in the push and pull of thoughts, feelings and reactivity, which affects our health and wellbeing. Meditation is essentially a practice of awareness; relaxing internally to access more mental space and observe thoughts with more objectivity. It helps us to recognise that where we choose to place our attention has a direct and immediate effect on how we feel, and therefore on how we respond to life. It’s a process of getting to know ourselves better, and carrying that understanding into daily life. This is the ‘training ground’ of meditation, which we teach in a non-rigid, friendly and accessible way – absolutely everyone is welcome regardless of experience, including total beginners.

thu 10.30-11.45/ en/ vinyasa/ level A+/ Studio Sonne & online