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When she went to her first Yoga class 9 or 10 years ago, she couldn’t imagine that it would ever be her passion. Yoga and Lena had a difficult beginning with an on-and-off relationship… and yet, she always found her way back onto the mat. Every time life got busy and crazy, she remembered this practice called Yoga.

In 2018, she started to practice Yoga daily. She had a personal crisis and Yoga gave her peace, self-love, and presence — a safe space. Yoga offered her its hand and took her back to the present moment. It taught her to breathe, to move, and to feel herself again. This was the turning point! The point when she felt the decision “I want to be a Yoga teacher”. She falls deeply in love with this idea and the butterflies were tumbling around in her stomach. So, she listened to her inner voice…

Vinyasa – en
For Lena, yoga is a dance. A flow of letting go and being there. It is an experience of learning to connect with, stay with and breathe with your inner self.  Yoga is so much more than just asana practice. It gets powerful in her classes, and yet there is enough room to explore yourself. It is an interplay between tension and relaxation like a meditative dance. It is important for Lena to create a safe space for the students, in which everyone can be who they are and move as they feel good.

Su 10.15-11.30/ en/ Vinyasa/ Level B/ Studio Sonne & online