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Orsola found a synthesis of her research in the Yoga practice, combining curiosity for inner and outer spaces. Having completed the 700+ hr Pranayoga Method®️ YTT with Amanda Morelli, she then deepened her knowledge in Pranayama and Embodiment. She also supports her practice with periodic fasting according to Sattvic principles and is currently studying Yoga Therapy for the digestive system. In her teaching, Orsola establishes a rhythm between structure and improvisation and supports the intimate space of the imaginary through visualization.

pranayoga method® – eng
Pranayoga Method®️ is a non-dogmatic practice grounded in a set of principles that allows the
subjectivity of each practitioner. 

The method values the listening and the observing of subtle qualities of the journey while learning to express and live the bodily experience.
hatha B – eng
This class explores the quality of the Hatha practice, merging asana, pranayama and embodied transitions.  The research of the internal body space and the body-in-space, is experienced through anatomical and subtle elements, while physical strength is developed with self respect and awareness. Each practitioner is invited to deepen the self-inquiry of their energetic journey.


sat 14.00-15.15/ en/ hatha flow/ all levels/ Studio Sonne & online