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Originally from Denmark, Camilla is a Berlin-based dance artist and teacher. With a strong focus on meditation and communication, Camilla enjoys exploring practices that emphasize self-reflection and community; an interest of hers that strongly manifested itself while she was working on her philosophy degree. Camilla has a romantic belief in the body’s innate need to understand and refine its multiple forms of expression, and therefore dedicates her time to working equally as an artist, teacher and Reiki practitioner.

ashtanga – en
Camilla’s ashtanga classes are based on the traditional primary series, following a natural structure that incorporates ujjayi breathing and bahnda practices in order to prepare the body for dynamic and heat-generating asanas. During the practice, the body is guided through different stages that build strength, courage and dedication; working towards a point at which the body is cleansed and the mind is able to release the unnecessary and receive the benefits of the teachings.

vinyasa – en
Camilla’s vinyasa classes find flow, strength and grace by allowing the body and mind to be challenged by the unpredictable, exploring the power that lies within the unexpected and ever-changing flows of asanas, whilst permitting the breath to be the guide. During this practice, we encourage the body to familiarize itself with proper alignment in order to fully enjoy the sensation of unfamiliar and empowering forms.

Camilla is taking a break to focus on her health. We hope to have her back with us in 2022.