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Joanna is a musician and singer, teacher for voice and yoga, choir director and nature lover, always on the path of the deeper truth. She has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for 7 years with a focus on injuries and limitations. The first mystical choir experiences she has had in her childhood and since then it is a great passion to work with polyphonies. Hardly any other music is as powerful and beautiful as voices sounding together. For Joanna, singing means expressing the sound, living oneself and the deepest feelings of the heart.

yoga & voice
Each voice is unique because of each person’s unique physiognomy, and our voice is part of our authenticity. Our personal sound might be a vehicle for emotions and reveals where we are right now. Everyone can sing, because we all have basically the same equipment. Often this has become intangible due to one’s own or foreign prejudices and

How do I perceive my own sound?
How and where do sounds emerge and where in my body does it resonate?
Why do I struggle with breathing when i want to sing?
How can I improve the connection to my body?

Through various physical exercises, with voice training and breathing techniques like pranayama we will integrate our voice into our yoga practice. Inspired by the vocal physiology of the Lichtenberger Institute, we acquire a deeper understanding of body and respiration, body attachment and self-awareness.

Expect playfulness, free improvisation and sounding together on the base of a deep and focussed hatha yoga class.