For Joanna, yoga means life, security, balance and equilibrium and the practice has been by her side in many situations since she took her first yoga lesson 20 years ago. Joanna loves to teach powerful and dynamic vinyasa yoga with a lot of heart, joy and empathy and an understanding of what is important in the present moment. But she also values the calmer sequences, the yin elements, the act of staying in the moment and paying attention to the smaller changes that are happening.

Her teaching is grounded in curiosity and courage and the patience to find your way in the unknown and strengthen your own resources. Breathe, enjoy yourself, connect with your intuition and remain mindful of the essentials.

vinyasa B – en
These vinyasa classes find their centre between rhythm and flowing movements, the balance between powerful and dynamic yoga and calmer, quieter moments with attention on the body, mind and inner posture. Joanna places great emphasis on alignment but also on the individual way each unique body moves and expresses itself.

tue 10.30-11.45/ en/ slow powerful vinyasa/ all levels/ Studio Sonne & online