This event is for you if you feel called by the question “Who am I?” and if you’d love to explore and experience its meaning in a safe, caring and supportive environment. There is no other agenda, philosophy or theory behind this approach.

For 40 min you and your partner will give each other the following instruction: Feel who you are here and now. Partner A gives this instruction and then listens to partner B sharing what she feels. Neutrally, without confirming or rejecting anything she hears. Every five minutes, we’ll ring a bell and you change roles. After 40 min we’ll take a short break and choose a new partner.

Michael has 30 years of experience with meditation and self-exploration in many ways
and in daily life he earns his breakfast offering online German courses for English speakers.
Lydia, Michael’s love will assist him. She is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher and currently works as a receptionist for Yellow Yoga.