This event is for you if you feel called by the question “Who am I?” and if you’d like to explore and experience its meaning in a safe, caring and supportive environment. There is no other agenda, philosophy or theory behind this approach.

For this meditation, we will work in partners and explore the practice of active, non-judgemental listening. The main exercise will be to give each other the following instruction: “Feel who you are here and now”. One person will give the instruction, and then listen while the other person shares what they feel – neutrally, without confirming or rejecting anything they hear. Every five minutes, a bell will ring and you will change roles. Feel welcome to come alone to this meditation, no partner is required – partners will be assigned and switched throughout the session. 100% of the profit from these meditations are donated directly to charity.

No previous experience of meditation is necessary, just an open mind, heart and curiosity.

Michael has 30 years of experience with meditation and self-exploration in many ways.
Lydia is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher and a long-time member of the yellow yoga community.