Online 3-Week Morning Challenge: Awakening into Spring with Victoria Simpson

Apr 26–May 14, 2021
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00


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“Like in nature, in winter we are dormant, resting. Our body and spirit are being charged up to awaken and arise in the spring. As the earth is waking up – we too awaken”
The season of new beginnings is upon us. With the arrival of Spring, we shift from the hibernation of the Winter months to an awakening to a feeling of rebirth. Spring invites us to open back up, delight in warmer days, admire the blossoming trees and cultivate a spirit of aliveness. This season can often make us feel inspired and motivated to change our habits, to set new intentions, and to flower and blossom with the rhythm of nature. This morning challenge will support our shift into this season, on a physical, mental and spiritual level, with a daily morning Yin/Yang yoga practice, combined with a Wuji meditation practice and theoretical explorations of Taoist philosophy and the Theory of the 5 Elements.

Week 1
– Introduction to Taoist Yin/Yang philosophy.
– Introducing Wuji Practice.
– Visioning with Somatic experiencing.

Week 2
– Introduction to the Theory of the 5 Elements.
– Exploring embodied experiences of the cyclic nature of life.
– Visioning with Somatic experiencing.

Week 3
– A focus on the Wood element and its associations with Spring.
– Combining visioning and planning with somatic experiences..
– Developing a roadmap to help you take these learnings forward into your life.

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Online 10-Week Course: Exploring Ambiguity with Éric Leclercq and Valerie Hartwich

May 10–July 12, 2021

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In a world full of ambiguity, uncertainty and subjectivity, how can we best navigate experiences that are confusing, or that seem to be more than one thing at the same time?

This 10-week course is a series of weekly workshops that combine physical yoga practice with reflective inquiry and meditation, as well as exercises and concepts from other disciplines outside of yoga. These tools and knowledge aim to help you better negotiate nuances and complexity in daily life and hopefully strengthen your resistance to manipulation and (spiritual) bypassing.
The goal of these 10 weeks is to empower you to investigate your own values and principles, explore how to live them effectively day by day, and apply agency over your impulses and the pressures of the world.

Week 1: Introduction & Roadmap 
Week 2: Psychosomatic Literacy
Week 3: Neurological Wiring and the Psychosomatic States
Week 4: Values and Principles 
Week 5-6: Spirituality in Context 
Week 7: Teachers & Teachings, Messenger & Messages
Week 8: The Power of Clarity & Confusion in Navigating Complexity
Week 9: Relating to Ambiguity as Part of the Spiritual Practice 
Week 10: Closing

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