10-Week Course: Shadow Yoga  
Introduction to Shadow Yoga with 
Alexandra Kreis

Sep 15-Nov 17, 2017
Fr 16.30–18.00
Gelber Raum, Mariannenstr. 48
135 €/ Präventionskurs

Shadow Yoga – short for ‘Hatha Yoga in Shadow Style’ – is a unique style, that has taken into account the western lifestyle, while staying true to traditional hatha yoga texts. The structural approach brings clarity and empowers the student to establish self trust, intuition, and a home practice.

In this course we will start with the first prelude – the basic form of building strength in vital regions of the body. To build a sensible practice, the practitioner first needs to learn to reign in the limbs and fluidly synchronise the breath with movements, gain a good understanding of how to breathe in ujayi and learn the bandhas. Every class will finish with an easy asana and cool down exercises.

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