2-Week Morning Challenge: ’Between Body and Wisdom
Dedication to the 5 Koshas’ with

Jan 27-Feb 07, 2020
Mo-Fri 8.30-10.00
Studio Sonne; Sonnenallee 67

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In this 2-Week Morning Challenge, we will travel through the 5 layers of the self, moving from the physical into the subtle and back. We will use the 5-koshas model of the self  through asana, meditation and theory and will look at the relationship between the different layers of our being.

Week 1
What are the 5 Koshas?
How do they relate to my practice? How do they relate to my life outside of yoga?
Exploring the first two Kosha: Annamaya Kosha (the physical body) and Pranamaya Kosha (the energy body).

Week 2
Getting in touch with the third, fourth and fifth Koshas: Manomaya Kosha (the mind), Vijnanamaya kosha (intellect) and Anandamaya Kosha (bliss).

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10-Week Lecture Series: ‘Create Self-Love through Yoga and Ayurveda Rituals’ with Alex

Jan 11-Mar 14, 2020
Sa 13.30–15.00
Gelber Raum, Mariannenstr. 48

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It is also possible to drop into the lectures individually for the price of 12€ per class.

In this 10-week lecture series on the topic of self-love, we will be looking at two basic concepts of ayurveda and yoga. One is our daily routines (dinarcharya) and their underlying connection with the yamas and niyamas of Patanjali. Your practice has brought you on a path and now you have a chance to dive deeper into radiance, self-love and trust.

What you will learn in this lecture series:

  1. The four aims of yoga: Moksha, Dharma, Kama, Artha (Jan 11)
  2. Our four tendencies to self sabotage (Jan 18)
  3. Creating vitality through rhythmic living (Jan 25)
  4. Prakruti – your personal make up as a unique human being (Feb 01)
  5. Brahmamuhurta and Brahmacharya – Depth of living without much effort (Feb 08)
  6. Spiritual materialism in yoga practices (Feb 15)
  7. Mitahara –  rhythmic eating and resting as tools to enhance creativity (Feb 22)
  8. Your sense organs beyond their usual task (Feb 29)
  9. Abhyanga – cohesion and self-trust in your hands (Mar 07)
  10. The joy of living – or “beware of the mind monsters” (Mar 14)

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Luca is back in 2020 with his popular sound bath meditation class!

It is now being held at a special new location, La Caminada (Böckhstr. 21, 10967 Berlin) close to Kottbusser Damm, and not in Studio Sonne. You don’t have to register in advance, just show up in time to secure your spot.

We’re really excited to have Luca back for this special extra-long sound bath session, so don’t miss it! The next session is 12.15-14.45 on Tues Jan 28.

You can find more information here.

RESCHEDULED: to a new evening time slot!

10-Week Course: ‘Curiosity and Connection’ with Valerie and Sarah

Feb 12-Apr 15, 2020
Wed 19.30–21.00
Gelber Raum, Mariannenstr. 48
100 €

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Could staying curious and opening your senses to your present experience help you rediscover the fullness of being alive?

Inspired by their yellow yoga retreat last summer, Valerie and Sarah are offering a 10-week Wednesday course that will help you find easy ways to cultivate presence, curiosity and connection in your life.

Most sessions will include movement exploration/asanas but some won’t, focusing rather on meditation, journaling and reflection, partner work and group discussion. Through these and other tools you will explore the structures of your body and what feels good to you in the first few sessions, then move on to your connection to the other, and finally inquire into how you connect to the world around you.

This 10-week course is open to all levels.

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10-Week Präventionskurs: ‘Introduction to Hatha Yoga’ with Alex

Jan 13-Mar 16, 2020
Mo 15.30-17.00
Gelber Raum, Mariannenstr. 48
135 €

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This Präventionskurs is a Hatha Yoga Course influenced by the school of Shadow Yoga.

In this course you will:
– learn how to use movement and breath to destress and relax and create strength and balance
– get to know a form of hatha yoga with a focus on legwork and movements influenced by martial arts and Shaolin Qi Gong
– learn how to use the breath to maintain balance and guide you deeper into postures
– receive input on yoga theory and space for questions and discussion about the information learned
– learn how to take this practice into your life and integrate it into your daily routine

This prevention course can be subsidized by German statutory health insurance funds in accordance with §20 SGB V. The statutory health insurance companies reward the participation in our course and refund – depending on the health insurance – up to 80% of the course fees.

If you have any questions about this course, especially if you want it to be recognised as a “Präventionskurs” by your health insurance company, please contact Alexandra directly.

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8-Week Präventionskurs: ‘Hatha Yoga’- ‘Roots of Yoga-
Nurture the Essence of Yoga’ with Krishna Kumar Krishnan

Feb 01-Mar 21, 2020
Sa 10.00–11.30
Studio Sonne, Sonnenalle 67
110 €

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New to yoga or want to refresh what you already know?
Establishing the foundations of your practice and looking for insights into the basics of yoga?
Seeking the chance to build strength and confidence and to take your practice deeper?

This 8-week course offers you the opportunity to find inspiration in an exploration of the fundamental elements of yoga. In each class, several yogic themes will be combined with dynamic vinyāsa sequences, accompanied by clear alignment principles, different āsana and prāṇāyāma and also meditation and relaxation techniques. The classes will explore a range of different subjects, fusing important yogic philosophies with the findings of modern science. There will be enough time for questions and answers in each session, and also tasks for you to work on outside the classroom, helping you take the practice into your daily life.

This prevention course can be subsidized by German statutory health insurance funds in accordance with §20 SGB V. The statutory health insurance companies reward the participation in our course and refund – depending on the health insurance – up to 80% of the course fees. Find more information and sign up here.

Special Event: ‘Embodied Astrology for the Leo Full Moon’ with Annika

Feb 08, 2020
Sa 19.30–21.30
Studio Sonne, Sonnenalle 67
15€ Drop-in/
5€ for USC-members and flatrate owners

Join us for an evening of astrology and embodiment practices. In this special workshop, we will delve into the astrology of the Full Moon on February 09, learn about the symbolism of the Sun and Moon and the polarity of Leo and Aquarius. In the astrological language, Leo represents the individual’s desire for creative, heartfelt expression, while Aquarius describes an original, visionary mind that recognizes itself as part of a larger group. Participants will be invited to explore the parts of the body governed by Leo and Aquarius through guided somatic meditation, a body-based approach to meditation that uses visualisation and felt-sense awareness.
This workshop is for anyone who’s eager to learn about the interpretation of the seasons and stars through their lived and embodied experience. No previous knowledge of astrology is necessary to attend. Please bring comfortable clothes, a notepad, pen and an open mind.