3-Wochen-Morgen-Challenge: Stimme und Yoga mit Joanna Kupnicka

Sep 16-Okt 04, 2019
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00
Studio Sonne; Sonnenallee 67
140 €

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Unsere Stimme ist Teil unserer Persönlichkeit und unseres Wesens. So wie das Atmen und Sprechen ist auch das Singen ein natürlicher Vorgang und ureigener Ausdruck des Menschen. Bei dieser Morgen-Challenge kannst du einiges über Stimmbildung und Gesang erfahren und gleichzeitig Yoga praktizieren. Du wirst die Zusammenhänge von Stimme und Stimmung kennenlernen und evtl. verstehen, warum dir das Singen schwerfällt.  Eine Vorbereitung für das Singen erreichen wir über eine stärkende Hatha Yogapraxis. Während dieser Übungen, werden wir spielerisch unsere Stimme integrieren und die Freude am Singen zelebrieren.

In den drei Wochen bekommst du einen theoretischen und praktischen Input aus der klassischen Stimmbildung, ein tieferes Verstehen für Pranayama und Asanas sowie ihre Wirkung auf den Körper. Gemeinsam erlernen wir Mantras, die du dann im Weiteren für dich üben und nutzen kannst.

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10-Week Course:
‘Introduction to Hatha Yoga’ with Alexandra

Sep 20-Nov 22, 2019
Fri 16.30-18.00
Gelber Raum, Mariannenstr. 48
135 €

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This Präventionskurs is a Hatha Yoga Course influenced by the school of Shadow Yoga.

In Shadow Yoga, there is a focus on all forms of legwork. Deep stances and fluid movements that are partly taken from martial arts and Shaolin Qi Gong become an excellent base to enliven the breath. Breath awareness is used to sharpen the attention and maintain balance when the asana work becomes more intense. The breath is also used to guide you deeper into postures.

Shadow Yoga teaches you how to use fluid movements to destress and relax and create strength and balance in your body and your mind. You will also receive guidance on how to take this practice into your own life and integrate it into your daily routine. All classes include a balanced mix of movement and breath practice to stimulate and strengthen the physical body. There will also be a theory component and ample time for you to reflect on the new things you have learned and ask questions.

If you have any questions about the course, especially if you want it to be recognised as a “Präventionskurs” by your health insurance company, please contact Alexandra directly.

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10-Week Lecture Series: ‘Create Self-Love through Yoga and Ayurveda Rituals’
with Alexandra

Sep 21-Nov 30, 2019
Sa 13.30–15.00
Gelber Raum
80 €

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It is also possible to join only some of the lectures for a price of 12€ per class.
Yogis with flatrates and USC-members pay 4€ additionally for each lecture.

In this 10 weeks exploration in form of lectures, we are looking at two basic concepts of ayurveda and yoga. One is the daily routines (dinarcharya) and how those daily routines are backed up through the yamas and niyamas of Patanjali.

Your practice has brought you on a path. And you have a chance to dive deeper into radiance, self-love and trust as well as longevity by tweaking your day to day life a bit more through these simple rituals.

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3-Week Morning Challenge: ‘Freeing the Spine’ with Naama

Oct 28-Nov 15, 2019
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00
Studio Sonne; Sonnenallee 67
140 €

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What did the snake really say to Eve?
As we move through life, we tend to focus on what can be seen: our achievements, failures, how we look, what we own, and the external reality. In this outcome-oriented way of living, we forget our centres and depth. We lose ourselves, our energy, our feeling of safety, balance, and orientation.

This challenge is an invitation to redirect our attention to the place where things begin, the core of our being – THE SPINE.
We will connect with the spine from an anatomical as well as an imaginative-energetic perspective. Using different methods such as Yoga, Meditation, Feldenkrais and Dance Improvisation, we will deepen the connection we have with our spine, unlock it and see if that will assist us to walk through our life with more integrity, flexibility and liveliness.

Open to all levels, all bodies and all spines.
A full commitment to the whole 3-week period is necessary in order for the process to unfold in its full depth.

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