10-Week Course: Kundalini Yoga and the Ten Bodies with Paula

Nov 09-Dec 14, 2019
Jan 04-25, 2020
Sat 10.00–11.30
Studio Sonne, Sonnenallee 67
100 €

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“If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole universe will be in balance with you.“ Yogi Bhajan

You are more than just your physical body, your physical body is but one aspect of who you are. The truth is that the human being is made up of ten bodies: The physical body, three mental bodies and six energy bodies. Each body has specific gifts that develop when strong and a certain lack that can surface when weak.

The starting point of disease begins first in one of these bodies and will eventually manifest outwardly. When we begin to understand the dynamics of the ten bodies and strengthen them, we can then begin to heal.

What you will learn in this course
The ten weeks will cover each Body with a specific Kriya (yoga set) for each body, with an explanation of each to give you deeper insight into the meaning of each body. Numerology, which is deeply linked to the bodies, will be touched upon as it can help you discover your strengths and weaknesses. When you function in a balanced manner through these 10 Bodies it can bring success, healing and a deeper connection to who you are. This will be the objective over these 10 weeks.

The Ten Bodies are :
1. Soul Body.
2. Negative (mental protective) Mind.
3. Positive (mental projective) Mind.
4. Neutral (mental meditative) Mind.
5. Physical Body.
6. Arcline.
7. Auric Body.
8. Pranic Body.
9. Subtle Body.
10. Radiant Body.

Paula’ s first encounter with kundalini yoga was in 2001 in Vienna, Austria and since then she has not stopped practicing kundalini yoga. Paula is a 3HO/KRI certified instructor. Her classes are for all levels and are taught in English.