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Amanda has been practising yoga since childhood, growing up as she did with two yoga teachers for parents. As a teacher she has been trained by her father, founder of the Pranayoga Method. Pranayoga means Yoga of Vital Energy. It does not indicate a new style of yoga but a practice of teaching which has grown and developed in respect of the classic tradition of Hatha Yoga and aims to improve the flux and purification of Prana, both in the physical body and in the subtle structures which constitutes the mind.

Amanda studies, practises and teaches the whole spectrum of the sacred path of yoga and believes in a holistic and creative approach to it. She is responsible for the TTC of the Free School of Hatha Yoga Hamsa in Berlin. She is recognised by CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) as a certified trainer of teachers.


pranayoga method® – en
The Pranayoga Method® is a dogma-free teaching practice developed by Maurizio Morelli over decades of experience and respecting the classical tradition of hatha yoga, the mother of all yogas.

It is an introspective, intuitive but also technical approach to yoga, gentle and powerful in its openness and precision, and based on a mandala of universal principles. These guidelines provide a clear, stable and safe frame, which remains malleable enough for each student to enjoy the freedom and expansion of a very personal and therefore unique journey.
The practitioner is guided by detailed and progressive instructions with a focus on awareness, safe alignments, self-exploration, care and precision, respecting one’s nature and in harmony with yoga’s root-purpose: the search for knowledge and freedom through direct experience.

For more information about the principles of the Pranayoga Method®: http://thisisyoga.org/en/the_school/articles/pranayoga-method-en/

hatha B – en
The practice is precise and deep, creative and informed by symbolism, subtle hints of physiology and an attuned awareness of anatomy. A lot of space is given to warm up, proper alignment, and the integration of breath and movement. By taking the time to sense the simplicity and beauty of each gesture, we honor our ability to sense, move and breathe, recovering the unity, which is the natural state of the Self, expression of the cosmic awareness which pervades all. The B classes are for practitioners with some experience, not only in terms of flexibility and strength, but also in regard to concentration, mental attitude and introspection.

hatha and pranayama – en
Pranayama is the yogic art of breathing. ‘Prana’ means ‘vital energy’ or ‘life force’, ‘ayama’ means ‘to expand’. Pranayama is therefore the expansion of the vital energy through different techniques of breath awareness and control, bandhas (locks), asanas and mudras. Pranayama enhances perception, harmonizes the pranic body (network of energetic paths), increases the level of vital energy in the body and develops a steady mind, thus being beneficial in the treatment of a broad spectrum of stress-related disorders. It also prepares the body-mind for the awakening of the chakras (psychic centres), aids in the practice of asanas, and creates a solid bridge between the body and the mind, thus opening the doors of meditative state of consciousness.

This class is an exploration of the breath as a bridge between body and mind, conscious and unconscious, gross and subtle. The focus and intensity of the practice varies from class to class, always maintaining a meditative and introspective atmosphere.

hatha flow A+ – en
In this class the precise, contemplative and exploratory aspects of hatha yoga are accompanied by a more dynamic pace. Supported by a continuous focus on the breath and detailed instructions, the practice is based on a slow, continuous flow of movement. Slow because awareness, the heart of the yoga practice, needs space to flourish and the speed of the practice must be adapted to the perceptual one. Slowness is the absence of hurry, it is openness, care, love, self-respect and dedication. In this class, the emphasis is placed on the quality of transitions, safe alignment, and constant presence to oneself and one’s ever-flowing sensorial, emotional and mental worlds.

Amanda is on maternity leave:)