As a yoga teacher, Annika offers an embodied experience that respects each individual’s personal process. Her teaching is deeply inspired by the work of Body-Mind Centering® and somatic practices that foster self-inquiry as a way of gaining a deeper understanding of our present experiences. We are so often observing our lives from outside of ourselves, whether it’s off the mat or on the mat. When we practice yoga we have a chance to get to know ourselves from the inside out, to feel our bodies in relation to space or the earth, and most importantly to feel our bodies alive. In her classes, Annika aims to guide her students into knowing what the body knows, so that they can explore their own inner landscapes with curiosity, clarity and creativity.

Annika completed her 200-hr training at Sola School of Contemplative Arts in Portland, Oregon. She was certified as a restorative yoga teacher by Lizzie Lasater and is currently taking part in an advanced studies program with Living Yoga in Ireland. Annika is also a literary translator and astrologer.

gentle yoga & somatics – en
This is a gentle yoga and somatic movement class designed to help you move and feel from the inside out while cultivating subtle awareness and curiosity. We will be exploring movement, shapes and guided relaxation that encourage ease and calm. Supportive outcomes of this practice include releasing physical and mental tension, finding greater freedom in the body and settling the nervous system. Bring a blanket and any other props and fabrics that help create comfort.

we 21.00-22.15/ en/ gentle yoga & somatics/ all levels/ just online
sa 15.45-17.00/ en/ gentle yoga & somatics/ all levels/ Studio Sonne & online