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Ardas Kaur loves teaching kundalini yoga because she believes it offers the optimum tools for reaching students and supporting them on their unique paths towards discovering their greatest gifts – so often found in the wounds of the heart. She is a KRI certified kundalini yoga instructor and Karam Kriya consultant. Numbers guide her through life, teaching and counselling. She is also a pregnancy yoga teacher, specialised in postnatal yoga, as well as working as a family therapist and doula.

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Each kundalini yoga class begins with tuning in. This is followed by a range of different warm-up exercises for the spine, shoulders, legs, etc. The main part of the lesson is a fixed sequence of exercises, a “kriya”, with a specific focus. This is followed by deep relaxation and meditation. Each yoga class ends with tuning out. Ardas attaches great importance to creating an accepting, friendly, open and appreciative group atmosphere in her classes, which encourages people to connect and communicate. As such, her classes usually include time for discussion, questions and an exchange of ideas and experiences.

mo 20.00-21.30/ en/ kundalini/ all levels/ Gelber Raum & online
we 07.00-08.15/ en/ kundalini/ all levels/ Studio Sonne & online