Carolina was born in Bologna, Italy, where she lived until finishing her BA in the Academy of Fine Arts. She moved between Italy, Bruxelles and Berlin, where she has lived since 2019. Her body background is based on ballet study, but her curiosity about the eternal potential of the body and its language, brought her to become a performer and contemporary dancer, working for different companies and projects. She discovered yoga at 17 years old, because her mum was doing it. She found a big book of yoga in her library, she read it all and since then she’s never stopped to flow and practice. After some years of continuous practicing of different yoga styles, somatic approaches and oriental disciplines, she decided to deepen her practice by following Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher training. After that she focused on Yin yoga and Meridian Yoga Therapy based on the Chinese Medicine.

Carolina’s teaching is a journey into the inner body to discover the progressive path to the real connection with ourself. She leads you to connect with emotional, spiritual and physical axis, driving into the bodies anatomy and alignments, focusing on all senses and perceptions of the body moving in the present. She wants learn more than she can, trusting curiosity as the meaning of life, she wishes to plant this seed in every student.

vinyasa – en
In Carolina’s classes you can let yourself go and progressively, through your own strength and rhythm of breath, get a real connection with yourself. Her vinyasa flow embodies the evolution of transformation, life is not a linear process and yoga practice is a space for discovering the potentials of the human condition. This kind of class helps you to cultivate a way of being awake that you can take home from the mat. She welcomes all levels and gives different options and adjustments for every class.

ashtanga – en
Flowing through your potential, trying to synchronize the movements and the breaths passing through the repetition of the same sequence of asana, you can grow strength, flexibility and relaxation, while keeping a connection and a perspective on how your body is developing and changing day by day, practice after practice. Going through half of the traditional primary sequence, every class reserves a moment of focus on one specific asana, to grow step by step, into the comprehension and development of the whole sequence. She works on back opening and upside-down asana trying to create a safe place for every students so they can be comfortable to explore without fears something new.  Carolina always finds a way to make you smile also during the hardest asana.

tue 07.00-08.10/ en/ ashtanga/ all levels/ Studio Sonne & online
thu 07.00-08.10/ en/ ashtanga/ all levels/ Studio Sonne & online
sun 14.45-16.00/ en/ ashtanga/ all levels/ Gelber Raum & online
sun 16.30-17.45/ en/ vinyasa/ level B/ Gelber Raum & online