David Ikonomou started taking regular hatha yoga (Sampoorna yoga) classes with Jutta Qu’ja Hartmann in Germany in 2000 after travelling through India. After ten years of experience of practising yoga, he became a certified yoga teacher at the Sivananda Kutir in Netala, Himalayas of India in 2010. Since then he has been continuously evolving by practising and training in different styles (anusara, ashtanga vinyasa).

In his teaching, he likes to emphasize the cultivation of awareness, breathing and alignment – adjusting to the needs of every individual student. Over the past years, vocal meditation and mantra singing circles as a powerful form of bhakti yoga have become a more and more important part of his work.

ashtanga – en
The ashtanga vinyasa system is a method that works with a set sequence of asanas, linking them through breath in a fluent dynamic movement. The classes will be based on the Primary Series and modified to the needs and possibilities of the participants. Alignment cues and breathing patterns are being given to cultivate a safe, mindful and meditative practice.

vinyasa – en
Vinyasa is understood as placing the body in harmony with the breath, coordinating the movement to the breath. The sequence and intensity of the class is adjusted spontaneously according to the inspiration, needs and potential of the moment.

vocal meditation – en
This weekly vocal meditation is an invitation to dive deeply into our own being, using our voice as a vehicle. We’ll be creating a space of true connection, of silencing the mind by totally arriving in the presence of listening to what is right here and right now.

Through toning, singing, pulsating, sighing we’ll be tuning into unknown depths of ourselves, letting be what is. Melodies will be sung with no words, so we can let go of any connection to the symbolic world, and move in the realtime of pure vocal exploration. Opportunities will be given to show up, be heard, let go, to let emotions flow, release them, and surrender to our most authentic and truthful expression of the moment. In that powerful common field, unity and healing can take place.

singing meditation – en
Music and especially the voice has always been used as a transformational tool. It is a powerful way to calm the mind and to experience what is in the present moment. With a combination of breath awareness exercises, we work with our voices and with sounds in different ways to make a connection to our true natures and to come into a moment of flow.