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Éric worked for a decade in computer security, and one day randomly stepped into a studio for his first yoga class. He ended up crying during Shavasana. A few years later he started teaching in that same studio, yellow yoga.

Vinyasa A+ (“playful flow”) – en
Éric’s Intuitive Yoga classes embody the three core values of playfulness, curiosity and agency. They break free from the constraints of rigid alignment and perfection, allowing you to experience a sense of liberation and self-discovery. Éric calls it a queer practice because it is essentially non-prescriptive and does not rely on your compliance.
“Something known, something new, and something weird.” Each class is a surprising blend of these ingredients. You’ll pay as much attention to the asanas themselves as to the movements in between. You’ll learn to listen more to your body, figure out what works for you, and feel more empowered.
These classes are open to all but some prior knowledge of yoga can be helpful.
You can find Éric’s teacher manifesto here.

wed 19.30-21.00/ en/ vinyasa/ level A+/ Studio Sonne & online
fri 18.15-19.30/ en/ vinyasa/ level A+/ Gelber Raum & online