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Éric worked for a decade in computer security, and one day randomly stepped into a studio for his first yoga class. He ended up crying during Shavasana. A few years later he started teaching in that same studio, Yellow Yoga.

Intuitive Yoga – en
Éric’s Intuitive Yoga classes are a great alternative or complement to more alignment based practices. They’re playful explorations of asanas, and the open spaces in between and around them. They help you develop a certain quality of presence in motion and in stillness, a joyful sense of curiosity, and personal agency over your body.
Lots of space is given to experimenting, figuring out what’s helpful or not, and for evolving sequences into something that becomes your expression of movement in that moment. Éric brings to every class a subtle mix of something known, something new, and something weird. On Saturday the energy level is a little bit higher with some shaking, dancing, and a powerful playlist. These classes are open to all but some prior knowledge of yoga can be helpful.

You can find his teacher manifesto here.

we 19.30-21.00/ en/ Intuitive yoga/ all levels/ Studio Sonne& online
fr 18.15-19.30/ en/ Intuitive yoga/ all levels/ Gelber Raum& online