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Grace has been teaching movement and mindfulness practices since 2012. At the centre of her work sit pleasure, truth and harnessing sensitivity. Through the teachings of Yoga and Spirituality, her work brings together her bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Philosophy and her lifelong training in Dance. She describes her classes as interdisciplinary, meaning they combine multiple methods for mind body centering and self-inquiry. As a teacher she is not here merely to pass on information, but to inspire a spark within you that opens you up to engage deeply and openly with yourself and your existence. These are the very teachings that have guided Grace through both the darkest and most abundant times of her life. She is in service to these teachings, which are in turn in service to you.  

Grace teaches graceful movement – also in her vinyasa classes. You will learn how to befriend your body, understand your mind and make room for mystery and the essence of life. As well as improving your body awareness and relationship to your thoughts, there is a strong focus on expanding the range of your nervous system in all directions. You will develop your ability to feel in full range, without shutting down or spinning into overwhelm. You can expect the class to start with a presentation of a teaching or intention, that will then be worked through the body using a specially curated soundtrack, unconventional sequencing, yoga asana, breathwork, shaking, tapping, improvisation and free movement. The energetic level will vary throughout the class, as you move through several states from high acceleration to deep stillness.

mon 20.00-21.30/ en/ vinyasa/ level B/ Gelber Raum & online