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Krishna Kumar Krishnan Yogamunīśvaradāsa grew up in a yogic family from South India. At the age of 7, he was initiated into spirituality and haṭhayoga sādhana by his father, ācārya y.m.ī.d. Krishnan Ramasamy, who was a priest, astrologer and siddhayogi in a Tamil saiva siddhānta tradition. At the age of 25, he pursued his higher studies in Aerospace Engineering in Munich, Germany and worked as a scientific researcher in Madrid, Copenhagen and Berlin. His experience of Western lifestyles reinforced his belief in the importance of yoga and mindfulness training for a balanced, healthy and sustainable life in the modern world, and he began exploring applying yogic philosophy as a holistic approach to life. He combines the essence of siddhayoga knowledge from his father with kuṇḍalinīyoga, from yogācārya Paranjothi Subramaniam, with the addition of mindfulness, awareness and meditation techniques from Tibetan master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. He also studied for 4 years at Yoga Akademie Berlin under the guidance of yogācārya Ananda Leone and became a registered member of the Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden Deutschland (BDY) and the European Yoga Union (EYU). His yoga path has brought him to the realisation that different yoga practices suit different people and he explores his own yoga practice with acceptance, curiosity and joy. He is known for his sense of humour and dynamic teaching style, and his ability to present the ancient wisdom of saiva siddhānta in a fresh and accessible way.

Śivaśakti yoga – en
Śivaśakti Yoga is an energetic approach to yoga that inspires the practitioner to experience the fullness of life in all its diversity, to create balance between stability & mobility, firmness & openness, peacefulness & joyousness. This type of yoga is deeply rooted in the saiva siddhānta tantric tradition, which reconnects the network of an individual microcosm with the divine macrocosm. This interconnectedness that goes beyond human anatomy will align the five bodies (pañca-kośas) and the psychic energy centers (cạ kras) at the gross, subtle and causal levels to experience total well-being.

In the tantric tradition śiva and śakti represent the polarities of the divine in the universe, in nature and in us. In Śivaśakti Yoga, these opposites embrace each other and merge consciously. The qualities of śiva are centering, grounding, muscular and rational, meanwhile śakti are expansive, growing, organic, intuitive. Every lesson has an integrated theme that fuses with dynamic vinyāsa sequences accompanied by clear alignment principles, different āsanas and prāṇāyāmas , including meditation and relaxation techniques as part of aṣṭāṅga-sādhana, the eight parts of systematic ancient yoga practice.

tattva meditation
Tattva Meditation is an exploration of the core essence of Śaiva Siddhānta Tantric philosophies. The practice of Tattva focuses to understand life by seeking the interplay of awareness in the creation, maintenance and dissolution of the perceived world. It is about awakening our spiritual nature, while simultaneously enjoying the pleasures of human existence. Different techniques of concentration, visualisation, chanting and meditation are practised to understand the connection between the gross elements (earth, water, fire, air & space) with individual subtle bodies, pañca kośa (5 sheaths) and cakras (energy centers).

Krishna is currently in Malysia and will come back teaching his classes in September 2022.