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Lucy aka Luca Mortellaro is an acclaimed electronic music producer, performer and entrepreneur who built an imprint and personal discography that has established itself as one of the world’s finest. Nom de musique of Italian-born and Berlin-based Luca Mortellaro, he’s defined by many as a refreshing anomaly in the music world.

sound bath – en
Sound has been used as a healing implement for centuries. It is not only heard with the ears but felt with every cell in the human body (65% of which is water, the ultimate sound conductor). Synchronizing body vibrations and consequently brain waves to specific sound frequencies, it is possible to achieve profound states of relaxation to restore disharmonies. As illness could be regarded as a manifestation of disharmony in the body, rebalancing by bathing deeply in sound is the key to opening the deepest doors of our self-perception.

Luca’s sound bath is currently being held on a monthly basis at an external location. Please check the sound bath meditation page here and/or the yellow yoga news page for the latest information on when and where the next session will take place.