Malu teaches kundalini yoga in an open-minded, non-dogmatic way by encouraging personal agency and intuitive capacity of practitioners over rigidity and formality. She would describe her approach as curious, intuitive, caring, buoyant, fun, energetic, kind and spiritual. Her practice is the culmination of a deep and ongoing research about what contemporary yoga is all about. A motto she goes by: Yoga is ancient, but it is not timeless. By stopping for a moment to consider yogas past, we can recognize the crucial role that all of us can and must play in shaping its future. In her classes she integrates a variety of tools which she finds useful for opening up, cultivating resiliance, releasing blockages, and engaging with life in a new way.

Breathwork & Sound Meditation
Expect gentle guidance and powerful breathing exercises to light your inner spark and set you off for the rest of the day.
At times we will incorporate voice, sound, and devotional chanting to balance the energy body, and we will use silence and deep listening to close each session.

Kundalini is an all-encompassing practice that focuses on the strengthening of the nervous system, helping us to build resilience and rebalance the body-mind and spirit. It does so by combining the elements of rhythm and repetition in sequences that include chanting, breathing, holding postures, listening, movement, stillness, and the use of imagination. Sometimes there will be music, sometimes silence. Expect a carefully crafted event, a ritual.

sa 09.30-10.45/ en/ breathwork & sound meditation/ all levels/ Gelber Raum & online
sa 11.15-12.30/ en/ kundalini/ all levels/ Gelber Raum & online