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Sarah returned to Berlin in 2017 after spending 20 years in London, where she worked as a Contemporary dancer and later was certified as a teacher by Yogacampus, having begun her own yoga practice 15 years earlier. She is interested in the possibilities our breath and our physical body (whatever its perceived potential) offer, to attain greater ease and freedom in skillfully navigating our everyday lives.

Sarah has a deep curiosity for somatic practices and studies (including BMC®). These ongoing explorations continue to shape her own practice as well as her teaching.

vinyasa A+

A medium-paced, flowing yoga class with emphasis on moving with the breath and placing the body with mindful presence.

You will be encouraged to practice within your very own comfortable edge at all times, with modifications and guidance offered. Gradually we will journey from the outer to inner layers of our being as the physical body becomes a gateway to discovering our inner landscape.

sa 13.45-15.00/ en/ vinyasa/ A+/ Studio Sonne
su 15.30-17.00/ en/ vinyasa/ A+/ Gelber Raum