Tim is a Dutch-American Jivamukti Yoga and advanced Hatha Yoga teacher, who grew up in Amsterdam and New York City, where he lived and taught, prior to moving to Berlin in 2020.

He started practicing in New York over twenty years ago. Since then, he completed various trainings in India and the US, ranging from Jivamukti and extensive classical Hatha Yoga, to meditation and Raja Yoga: the philosophy of the Yoga Sutras. After years of teaching regular classes and workshops in New York (at Sri Swami Satchidananda’s Integral Yoga Institute for example) , he now calls Berlin home and offers his experienced blend of Vinyasa and Hatha in this city.  In his classes you’ll learn traditional yoga techniques rooted in ancient philosophy, but taught in a current and applicable way. Students love Tim’s classes for his warm, easy-going style and clear, thorough instructions.

jivamukti – eng

Jivamukti Yoga is a style where the asana is always quite vigorous. You can expect beautiful, flowing vinyasa sequences, where the movement is linked by breath. All classes start out at a powerful pace and as the body has warmed up, the innovative way of linking asana continues somewhat slower, with a a constant emphasis on presence of mind and easeful breath. Jivamukti Yoga is a very popular Yoga method founded in the 1980’s in New York by David Life and Sharon Gannon based on the styles of their three Indian Gurus.
Tim’s style is specifically informed by his experience of the method in NYC: trying to accommodate students of various levels with classes that are paced for precision and turning inwards.

we 10.00-11.15/ eng/ jivamukti/all levels / Gelber Raum & online