Valerie is a psychosomatic bodyworker and yoga teacher with a psychology/sociology background. She is eternally curious about how we can gracefully negotiate being human, and has found yoga to be a powerful tool to help with that quest. She practices and teaches a non-dualistic and demystified spirituality that fosters curiosity, kind playfulness and agency through vinyasa, yin, restorative yoga, and meditation. Her teaching is deeply influenced by the fascia yoga and trauma sensitive approaches, giving it a psychosomatic dimension, that is the interplay of body/mind/emotions. She believes in the power of curiosity and play in helping us uncover the patterns that hold us back, and the strategies that create change. And is convinced that one of the keys to achieving this is to use the physical practice as a lab to explore, feel and observe how we are, how we work and how we feel. But also by using simple practices to ground and balance ourselves in everyday life that she loves to share in class.

She teaches restorative yoga to wind down body and mind, yin yoga to release joints and fascia of built-up tension, or a slower flow to grow strength and flexibility with awareness. Students can expect dialogue, fun, attention to personal issues, as well as plenty of simple tools to use in daily life. And last but not least a great deal of care and kindness

vinyasa A+ – en
A slower, dynamic, vinyasa-style yoga class for beginners and those who want to refine their yoga practice. This style combines mindful flow and asana variations. From time to time we will stay in a pose to let it work deeper, or bring smaller movements into the pose to create space in the body in a holistic way. Everything develops like a dance, flowing from form to form, in a way that builds and refines muscles – especially deep muscles – keeps the fascia elastic and is fun at the same time. Perfect for developing the balance between strength and flexibility.

vinyasa B+ – en
A sequencing of movements and asanas to flow the breath to all the right places, and develop greater presence and awareness. Fun, challenging and mindful thanks to a different way of moving from the ground on up and getting into poses, this class is for those seeking a yoga that is spiritual and translatable into everyday life, and that explores the incredible abilities already present in their bodies. This class incorporates time for journalling, so bring pen and paper as yoga can give us great insight about ourselves.

restorative, yin and meditation – en
This class combines yin yoga with restorative yoga and meditation. The poses are held in the seated or lying position using support to ease into the longer holds, which bring our muscles to relax, our fascia to stretch and the nervous system to unwind. Reaching this physical quiet allows our mind, our thoughts and emotions to have room to be heard, recharges our batteries by unburdening the nervous and lymphatic system, and helps us develop interoception, our sense of our inner state, which is a useful tool for preventing injuries and improving mental states. The restorative class combines gentle movements inspired by Fascia yoga and Feldenkrais to help the body and mind unwind, and prepare for the restorative poses.

fascia yoga
This class focuses on a slower and more conscious flow. It combines the ancient knowledge of yoga with current scientific knowledge about our connective tissue, Feldenkrais and craniosacral techniques.
Yoga poses are re-explored with movements and variations, reaching deep fascial tissues that we often cannot otherwise access. This supports our flexibility, stability and self-awareness. Injuries can be avoided more easily and healing processes in the body can be strengthened – not only on a physical level but also emotionally and mentally. Because the fascia tissue plays a core role in a feeling of balance on all levels in one’s own body.

thu 18.15-19.30/ de/ fascia flow/ all levels/ Gelber Raum & online
thu 20.00-21.15/ en/ yin yoga & restorative/ all levels/ Gelber Raum & online
fri 12.15-13.30/ en/ vinyasa/ level A/ Studio Sonne & online
sat 12.15-13.30/ en/ vinyasa/ level B+/ Studio Sonne & online