Yanina has been fascinated with the human body for more than 30 years. This fascination led her to study Sports Science (at the German Sport University Cologne), where she gained an in-depth knowledge of the body’s structure – its muscles, anatomy, abilities and capabilities. But it was when she became a yoga teacher that she truly came to understand that there is so much more to the body than just its structure – there is the breath which can open up new horizons underneath the skin, there is the body awareness that can change the way you feel inside and there is the natural body intelligence which you can listen to in order to sense your boundaries and find out what it is that you really need and want.

Yanina’s classes guide you through the process of taking a deeper look inside your body and discovering its natural intelligence. You might be surprised at the world that you find there if you’re ready to dive deep enough..

yin yoga – en
Yin Yoga is a gentle and profound practice which brings us into close contact with our fascia, the deep connective tissue that connects everything within the body, stretching it and removing tension from this deep layer of ourselves. Practicing yin yoga also has an effect on the meridians (energy channels) within the body, leaving them cleansed and invigorated. Yin Yoga is a very mindful type of yoga, that enables you to look inward, to give your body a voice and to find and enjoy deep rest.

gentle flow
– en
Gentle Flow means meditation in motion, letting go of your thoughts and arriving in the living, pulsating body. In this playful somatic yoga style, you’re invited to both explore the abilities of the body and to strengthen your sense of consciousness.⁠ Guided by the flow of breath, we set off together on the path towards the natural intelligence of our individual body

we 09.00-10.15/en/ funky flow & meditation/ Studio Sonne & online
su 18.15-19.30/ en/ slow flow/ all levels/  Gelber Raum & online
su 20.00-21.15/ en/ yin yoga& meditation/ all levels/  Gelber Raum & online

insta: yin.yoga.yanina